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❤ You can trust Sahara Solar to get the job done correctly. We are certified by three top  manufacturers and available to provide affordable solar solutions.

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We provide solar service for the entire metropolitan area including Washington D.C. Virginia, and Maryland.

When you install solar panels, the property value of your home will likely increase. This typically means an increase in property taxes. However, thanks to Virginia laws, this is not true. Solar Energy Equipment is exempt from local property taxes, meaning you don’t pay more in taxes because of your house’s value increase due to solar power.

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We believe the right solution for you requires expert service at every step of the way, whether you are looking for a new roof or new solar Installation!

Commercial Solar

Sahara Solar offers a wide array of solutions for all sizes of commercial solar applications whether that be on the roof, solar carport systems, or ground mount systems.

System Design

Sahara Solar Is dedicated design/engineering staff will carefully design the optimal system solution for each individual client’s needs through our accredited third-party solar design program to ensure accuracy and proper system sizing. 

Residential Solar

Sahara Solar is the areas most trusted local source for residential solar installations. Solar is at an all-time low cost and population and other political factors have Virgnia's power rates set to continue to increase. 

Permitting and Net Meter Preparation

once a client opts to move forward toward energy independence EGT Solar handles all local jurisdiction permitting and net meter process paperwork. This process varies by each individual jurisdiction but typically will be completed within 1-2 weeks.

Expert Evaluation

An experienced Sahara representative will spend roughly an hour educating you on system options and evaluating your electrical system to ensure no additional electrical work needs completion to keep the installation up to local jurisdiction code. 

Final Inspections

Your system will now be inspected by your local jurisdiction first and then by Idaho Power at which point they will also install the "Net Meter" and turn the system on for power production.

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Residential Projects
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Happy Customers
Many people in our neighborhood just got solar systems. We went with Sahara and were very pleased. They were very professional and did not do a lot of "song and dance" during their sales pitch, but just stuck to the facts and gave us the information we needed.
John Allison
CEO of Manufacture Company
I researched three different companies before deciding on Sahara. I am so glad that I did! Everything went as promised! The install was very professional and clean. Communication along the way was great. I highly recommend Sahara for your solar needs.
Alicia Potter
Graphic Designer
We are 100% satisfied with Sahara's product, service and workmanship. They went above and beyond our expectations. We would definitely choose Sahara for future projects. We highly recommend doing business with this company as they are honest, fair and their customer service is outstanding. 10 STARS!!.
Edward B. Suarez
Creative Solutions

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